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Easy gold by farming pets.

This guide will explain how you will earn gold by farming pets.

Tiny Crimson Whelpling
1/10,000 drop chance from all mobs in Wetlands
Usually goes for 10-15k on my server.

This pet is a zone dependant drop in Wetlands. This means that you can get the whelpling from ANYmob in Wetlands.
The spot I've gotten most of the Crimson pets from, is from Ebon Slavehunter, and Dragonmaw Whelpstealer.
These mobs have a rather high respawn rate, so the farm is quick and simple and can easily be botted aswell.

Dark Whelpling
1/1,000 drop chance
1/500 in Dustwallow Marsh
Usually goes for 2-3k on my server.

The great thing about this pet, is that it can be farmed in Wetlands aswell. You can combine the Crimson Whelp farm with this one to get maximum effect of the goldmaking. The Dark Whelpling drops from Ebon Whelp.
. If you're only after the Dark Whelpling, I would suggest going to Dustwallow Marsh as the droprates is nearly doubled from Wetlands. The mobs you are looking for are named Searing Whelp

Azure Whelpling
1/10,000 drop chance from all mobs in Winterspring
Usually goes for 15-20k on my server.

Just as the Crimson Whelpling, this is a zone dependant drop. You can get the drop from any mob in Winterspring.
There really isn't any super great spots to farm in Winterspring, but I'll give you the places I've been farming.
If you want to combine this farm with some rep farm, I would suggest farming Winterfall Pathfinder.
This way you will obtain rep with Timbermaw Hold, aswell as obtaining the pet.
If you're not interested in farming the rep, I'd suggest going abit southeast from Everlook and farm Ice Thistle Patriarch.
These have a slightly higher respawnrate, so theres pretty much always something to kill around there.

Emerald Whelpling
1/1,000 drop chance
Usually goes for 9-12k on my server.

This is absolutely my favorite pet farm. The farm is quick and simple, since you simply can run around and constantly kill mobs.
This pet only drops from Noxious Whelp in northern Feralas.

Time-Locked Box (Bronze Whelpling)
1/5,000 drop chance
Usually goes for 5-7k on my server.

I haven't had time to farm this pet much, but I've had two this far.
It drops from the Ironmarch Scout/Forager/Grunt
I simply run around killing these, as I haven't had a chance to explore the most effective ways yet.

Disgusting Oozeling
1/1,000 drop chance
Usually goes for 10-15k on my server.

This pet can be farmed in multiple zones, but I've had most luck in Swamp of Sorrows
First off, you will be farming a bag called Oozing Bag. This bag has a 10% drop chance from Shifting Mireglob.
Inside this bag you will have a 1.5% chance to get the oozeling, so its double fun farming this pet.
If you're a rogue, you can pickpocket the Mireglobs before killing them to get extra bags

The drops are totally random. This means that you can be lucky and get a pet on the first kill, or be unlucky and don't get it on your 10th million kill. Its all random

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