Monday, March 2

Incredible Haste at low levels

Basically this has been around since the stat squish was introduced in late mop and many twinks know of this, but I have yet to see it posted here.

As some of you know, there used to be alot of low level items which had alot of epic stats/bonuses that you could use in bgs/skrims, but mainly all have been nerfed. Theres a few items left in the game which remains untouched and un-squished, and two of those are the jewelcrafting haste meta gems from TBC and WOTLK.

The gems in this case is the tbc Thundering Skyfire Diamond and the wotlk Thundering Skyflare Diamond.

At level 90 and as a hunter, the wotlk one procs for 26% haste (480 haste), which is still quite nice for a meta gem, and at level 80-89 it procs for way more % and is way more useful.

This is useful for a level 70-89 character leveling, or if you'd want to use it in skrims for easy oneshots or just casual battlegrounds.

As a level 80 feral druid and with the TBC meta gem haste proc up, you can constantly spam shred and oneshot players with the stupid scaling on fero bite.

There are two downsides of using this, one is that the proc only lasts for 6 seconds, and the other is that you need plenty of different gem slots and gems in your gear to make the meta to actually work.

Apart from that its pretty neat, so enjoy it on your alt

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