Monday, March 2

Get 200% more apexis from daily quest (instead of 100%)

We have found a little trick to increase the amount of daily apexis by 100%.

  1. Take a random daily quest in your garrison (except Shattrah & Pit).
  2. Go to Sgt Crowler.
  3. Buy a missive for 200 ressources (in my example, I was on Assault on the Everbloom Wilds and I bought Missive: Assault on the Everbloom Wilds)
  4. Take the quest (clic on the missive..)
  5. Do the assault.
  6. Go back to your garrison and return the mission at first, then the daily.
  7. Profit.
8. Here's the proof ! This works only if you return at first the mission and then the daily, if you return the daily at first, you will be rewarded by a normal amount of apexis

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