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WOD Level Enchanting 1-700 FAST and EASY. An all in one leveling guide.

Usually when I start to level a profession I like to have a catch all resource that I can refer to. That way It doesnt up to much time when I have to go about getting materials.

This time, I couldnt find such a resource, at least not an updated one for WOD.

So I took matters into my own hands. And even better, I calculated all the costs based on TSM's global prices. So the estimated totals are about as close as your going to get with any enchanting guide.

For this guide I've balanced ease of access to materials with the lowest cost per craft. Basically use this guide if you don't want to spend FOREVER leveling your enchanting AND don't want throw every penny you have into leveling the skill.

If you follow it to the “T” you'll come out with 700 enchanting easy. If you stray away from it, you'll still be 700 in the end, but it'll probably take a bit longer, OR you'll end up paying some extra coin.


The Master Materials List.

Here's a list of everything you'll need to get from 1-700.

  • 10 Greater Magic Essence / 10 simple wood
  • 100 strange dust
  • 88 soul dust
  • 32 greater astral
  • 283 vision dust
  • 30 lesser eternal essence
  • 58 lesser planar
  • 250 Dream dust
  • 106 arcane dust
  • 80 lesser planar
  • 20 large prise
  • 90 infinite
  • 135 greater cosmic
  • 54 lesser celestial
  • 129 hypnotic dust
  • 168 Greater Celestial
  • 21 volatile air
  • 352 Spirit dust
  • 64 mysterious essence
  • ethereal shard 38
  • 240 draenic dust
  • 18 temporal crystal
  • 30 sorcerous earth

This master list has been fine tuned with a little bit of extras just to make SURE that RNG favors you on the areas where we have to craft “in the green”. Unless you fell upon a stroke of terrible luck, this list should get the job done. On that note, any extras could be sold back to the AH of course. Or if you find any of the enchants profitable (A few of them are) then go ahead and finish chanting out the extras.

Now that thats over, lets talk about the cost of this massive list. Even better, let me lay out every enchant you need to craft, how much of them are needed, and how much gold crafting each different enchant will cost.

This section counts as the meat and potatoes of this guide. Refer to it often.

That way, you can kind of see where your gold is going as you spend it!

Level 1-2

Enchant Name: Runed copper rod Total cost: 2g Total materials: 1 strange dust / 1 lesser magic essence

Level 2-100

Enchant name: 140x Enchanted Dust - Total Cost: 500g - Total Materials: 140 draenic dust

Level 101-200

Enchant name: 10x Greater Magic Wands - Total Cost: 20g - Total Materials: 10 Greater Magic Essence / 10 Simple Wood

Enchant name: 30x enchant bracer minor agility - Total Cost: 120g - Total Materials: 60 strange dust / 30 greater magic

Enchant name: 44 Enchant bracer lesser stamina - Total Cost: 260g - Total Materials: 88 soul dust

Enchant name: 16x enchant bracer lesser intellect - Total Cost: 100g - Total Materials: 32 greater astral

Enchant name: 22x enchant bracer strength - Total Cost: 77g - Total Materials: 22 vision dust

Level 206-300

Enchant name: 31x enchant cloak greater defense - Total Cost: 390g - Total Materials: 93 vision dust

Enchant name: 28 enchant chest superior health - Total Cost: 600g - Total Materials: 168 vision dust

Enchant name: 10 enchant bracer greater intellect - Total Cost: 200g - Total Materials: 30 lesser eternal essence

Enchant name: 50 enchant shield greater stamina - Total Cost: 450g - Total Materials: 450 dream dust (You have to buy this enchant from these vendors: Daniel Bartlett OR Mythrin'dir

Level 301-400

Enchant name: 29 restore mana prime - Total Cost: 170g - Total Materials: 58 lesser planar / 58 arcane dust

Enchant name: 8 enchant bracer brawn - Total Cost: 100g - Total Materials: 48 arcane dust

Enchant name: 20 enchant shield resilience - Total Cost: 100g - Total Materials: 80 lesser planar / 20 large prismatic

Enchant name: 29 enchant cloak speed - Total Cost: 220g - Total Materials: 100 infinte dust

Enchant name: 33 enchant gloves gatherer - Total Cost: 8g - Total Materials: 33 greater cosmic essence

Level 401-510

Enchant name: 18 enchant chest mighty health - Total Cost: 13g - Total Materials: 54 Greater cosmic

Enchant name: 12 enchant gloves percision - Total Cost: 12g - Total Materials: 48 Greater Cosmic
Enchant name: 16 enchant chest mighty stats - Total Cost: 34g - Total Materials: 40 lesser celestial

Enchant name: 14 encahnt bracer speed - Total Cost: 375g - Total Materials: 28 hypnotic dust / 14 lesser celestial essence

Enchant name: 19 enchant boots haste - Total Cost: 530g - Total Materials: 38 hypnotic dust / 19 greater celestial essence

Enchant name: 21 enchant gloves exception strength - Total Cost: 920g - Total Materials: 63 hypnotic 44 greater celestial essence

Enchant name: 21 enchant bracer superior dodge - Total Cost: 325g - Total Materials: 105 greater celetial / 21 volatile air

Level 510-600

Enchant name: 24 enchant bracer mastery - Total Cost: 30g - Total Materials: 96 spirit dust

Enchant name: 32 enchant bracer major dodge - Total Cost: 200g - Total Materials: 256 spirit dust / 64 mysterious essence

Enchant name: 19 enchant cloak greater protection - Total Cost: 30g - Total Materials: 38 ethereal shard

Enchant name: 5 secrets of draenor enchanting - Total Cost: 500g - Total Materials: 100 draenic dust

Enchant name: 6 mark of the blackrock - Total Cost: 5000-10000g - Total Materials: 6 temporal crystals / 30 sorcerous earth

600 – 700 explained.

Alright, now it's time to address the confusion around the new expansion enchanting changes. At level 600 enchanting you will no longer be able to learn any new enchants from your trainer. Instead you will have to buy enchants from a vendor inside your ashran factions captital city. For horde this vendor is :Ged'kah in warspear. For alliance this vendor is Bob in stormshield.

To quickly reach the level cap of 700, you will want to purchase either, mark of blackrock or mark of the shadowmoon as these 2 recipes give you +15 enchanting skill all the way to level 700. The other enchants, while cheaper – will reward you with less enchant levels per craft. If your goal is to MAX out your enchanting fast, then mark of the blackrock / shadowmoon is the best way to go.

In order to buy these 2 enchants, you'll have to pay 5 secrets of draenor enchanting books. The catch is, you can only make these books once per day – so it will take a total of 5 days before you are able to buy the enchant.

Now.. Once the enchant is purchase you will have to get a total of 18 temporal crystals and 30 sorcerious earth / water (Depending on which one you chose) to level to 700.

The fastest roue of obtaining these mats (as advise by the gold spent in this guide) is to simply buy them from the AH. If you do that, you can easily level all the way to 700 once you buy the recipe. However, for those of you who don;t have steep profits – you can use the spell Temporal Crystal which will convert 1 Luminous Shard into 1 temporal crystal – but can only be cast once per day. Meaning you will need a full 18 days before all the mats are gathered to get your enchaning fully to 700.

Time is money though – so I suspect this isn't the preferred route..

Also note: If you have an enchanters building in your garrison, you can complete work orders to get temporal crystals a little faster. But since this guide is strictly about enchanting leveling & it's total costs I'll leave it at that

Using TSM to streamline the proces. (extra)

Time Time Time. Time is very important when rushing through levels. The most tedious thing in the world is to sit there and click between the spellbook and the vellums you wish to enchant on. It's a super big, ultra, unneeded, irrisponsible, unnecessary, waste of time. (Just like that long string of adjectives).

Here's the fix. Download these two addons: TSM / TSM crafting.

The primary use of these 2 addons far exceed the scope of what we're using them for – but nevermind that for now. If you don't like them, you can just delete them after you level to 700, but for now what we're using them for is so crucial, that it's worth the 40 second download. (I've timed it).

Basically, it'll change you enchant craft button to something like this:

Enchant vellum. Now no matter what enchant you want to craft, you can just click the button and it'll craft the selected enchant onto a vellum. No more shifting your eyes from the profession screen to your inventory. No more struggles.

Even better...

For those of you who are frequent TSM users and know how to run a shopping search/. (I wont get into that here).. you can just queue the crafts I've talked about, and let TSM do the buying for you..

It's easy, painless, and not very time consuming. Do it that way, and you'll likely have 700 enchanting in no time.

Also here's a video to boot.(Video starts 1 minute in.)

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