Wednesday, April 8

Bypassing Wow Game token CD on AH

Hello all found this and thought I would share for all those trying to get their wow game tokens on the Ah.

Currently if you try to buy a token and none are available you are put into a 1 minute countdown till you can try to purchase again.

This exploit is very simple instead of waiting on the cd simply use the /reload ui function and open your AH interface again. Surprise no more Cd and you can snatch the token form those who are busy waiting on their countdown!

Here is a macro that will help you:

/script BrowseWowTokenResults.Buyout:Enable()
/script BrowseWowTokenResultsText:Hide()
/script BrowseWowTokenResults.Buyout:Click()
/script StaticPopUp1Button1:Click()
/script WowTokenDialog.Button1:Click()

Hope this helps safe travels all!

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