Tuesday, April 7

Mage trick with Ice Floes

Not a huge DPS or PVP boost but its definitely to be considered.

The level 15 talent Ice Floes - Spell - World of Warcraft can be bugged to keep stacks after you cast a spell in movement. I have tested this with fire(Pyroblast, Fireball, Ignite, Sheep, etc.). I assume the bug is based off latency, and the built in delay on instant casts. 

When you cast a pyroblast in movement with 1 stack of Ice Floes - Spell - World of Warcraft, if you recast it less than a second before the Pyroblast goes off, note the Code:

Your next Mage spell can be cast while moving. Castable while another spell is in progress and unaffected by global cooldown. Max 3 charges.

It will set it to 2 Stacks and it won't consume the initial stack. I have pulled off 7 Pyroblasts in movement before completely losing the buff. 

This is mainly useful for PVP when you pair it with other abilities. I will probably upload a video or something when servers come back on. 

No guarantees simply because its very easy to do and doesn't require much explaining. If you play with it for a little bit, you can get it to work perfectly. Instant Pyros do eat stacks, sometimes 2 stacks. 

The whole talent is very buggy paired with the passives of Fire. Maybe people can venture further with this.

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