Friday, April 10

Farming ICC, Onyxia, TK (possibly other) MOUNTS faster

  • lvl 30 (to be able to enter the instance)
  • a friend (or multibox) who has a DK/Druid/Warlock
  • 2 person mount or other means of transporting lowbies

The point of this is to farm a raid boss that drops a mount easily and repeatedly ( without having a lot of level appropriate alts)
  1. Create a toon and lvl it to 30 ( I tried with smaller lvls but you will get the Your level is too low error)
  2. Transport to the desired instance (use RAF summon, mage or warlock, 2 seat mount ...)
  3. Have a cleared ID (for ICC with only LK alive) or have your friend clear the instance
  4. Enter the instance
  5. Get to the boss you want to farm, start encounter with your lowbie and your friend 
  6. Your low lvl toon is gonna die most likely so have your friend to dps the boss to 1 HP (each of these bosses has a special event while at 1 HP they won't die immediately - LK has like a 5 min monologue ... onyxia is stuck in the air as well as Kaelthas)
  7. During this phase your friend combat resses you and uses hearthstone or any think else to get out of instance as soon as you are alive.
  8. You finish the boss off with your lvl 30 toon
  9. Loot 
  10. Create a new toon and repeat until you get your desired mount

Lvling to 30 with the 300% potion and heirlooms takes about 2 hours so this technique is only worth while for you if you do not have 50 alts but play 1 or 2 main characters.

good luck farming

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