Friday, April 10

9 second untrinketable stun + 20% increased damage Draenor PvP Follower

Alright, I'm going to preface this by stating that I'm honestly not sure if this is working as intended or not by blizzard... That being said, it is so laughably game breaking that it should be considered an exploit (if anything this could serve as a guide... to basically being guaranteed to kill anyone but a pally in Draenor pvp...) This requires barracks level 2 or higher.

Talonpriest Ishaal, after unlocking a level or two of rep has an ability called Last Rites. This ability is a 9 second stun, that is untrinketable,and increases damage taken to the target by 20%. The only class I've seen able to get out of it so far is Paladins, but I'm thinking mages might be able to as well with ice block... but pretty much any other class, you are able to decimate. I'm a hunter that runs Lone Wolf in world PvP, and coupled with a 9 second stun and a 20% increased damage bonus... the stun doesn't get the chance to finish before the target is dead. I can only imagine the effects of this with something like a feral druid.

I did a search for this topic and all I saw was stuff concerning the mailbox feature. Sorry if this ends up being a repost or is not considered an exploit... but I must say, it feels like I'm flat up cheating when I use it. I recommend busting out your flag of ownership, or coliseum flags when doing this, just to optimize the incredible rage factor this generates to the enemy player.

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