Thursday, April 9

Reduced Cost Paid Features

Recently my friend discovered that if you switch your in game currency on the site to the Brazillian Real, it drops the price of the paid features drastically. 

So for example, something like a server transfer that would cost 25 dollars, is converted to 27.9 Brazillian Real... which in turn... is only 9 USD (The pricing that sounds more fair and realistic in the first place, but blizzard is too greedy to give).

So far this has worked with server transfers and faction transfers, I'm not positive on the other features.

I searched the forum for this and didn't find anything (most likely because there might be a post of it in elite), but I thought I'd throw out this little Easter Egg for you all.

Pricing ends up as the following:
  • 4 dollars per name change
  • 5 dollars for appearance change
  • 9 dollars for faction change
  • 9 dollars for race change
  • 9 dollars for character transfer

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