Thursday, April 9

WoW 6.1.2 Exploration - Under Orgrimmar (also get into uninstanced Ragefire Chasm)

Video Tutorial below the guide

Hello! I'm going to leak an exploit that has had many versions in the past (WoTLK, Cata, MoP), but only recently have I personally discovered a new method. Thanks for watching!


-Must have big mount (drake, mammoth etc...)

-Create macro to /logout

-Wedge yourself between the rocks

-Mount up and right before it goes 0.0 on your cast bar, press your logout macro

-Log back in, if you are on your mount but cannot fly forth and under then remount, otherwise keep trying or just fly through!


-For Ragefire Chasm, just watch the video, it is unexplainable

Will release more spots in the future, for example, I have found one in the Garrison.


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