Tuesday, May 5

A little gold and honor from Highmaul Coliseum.

When I was attempting the Highmaul Coliseum FoS for the first time I noticed a small bug. I was participating in a group that had a queue for who would win the next match. People who have attempted this would know that once you reach 100 Gladiators slain for the quest you will not be able to queue again the same reset which is how I found the bug.

The bug itself - When you participate in the Coliseum for your VERY FIRST TIME, you receive a blue-quality bag in your mailbox with some honor and gold (possibly low chance for blue honor items) - probably blizzard's way of giving new pvp-ers a cheap 'free lunch' of sorts. Since I was after the feat of strength from the coliseum, and was nearing the 100 Gladiators slain counter, I abandoned the quest and re-acquired it. The next match I participated in awarded me the same blue-quality bag in the mailbox again containing gold and honor.

It is by no means a ground breaking exploit but is an ok way to gear up a newly leveled character in honor gear ( and get some gold along the way). A good idea would be to get some friends with you for faster queues.

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