Tuesday, May 5

How I make 20k+ p/day PROFIT with zero professions, minimal effort.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The amount earnable is contingent on the number of lvl 100 toons you have and it will be MUCH easier/faster on a high-pop realm to sell your upgrades faster.

Ok, first I'd like to state that WITH my professions I am pulling significantly more profit per day than the title, but I will focus on the easiest aspect of my gold making life. One thing...

the Pet Charm

Why and how is this my particular money maker? Well, because if you have a Pet Menagerie in your garrison (hence why you need to be lvl 100), you will earn 8 charms per day, per toon that has this building. I have 11x lvl 100 toons (this is the only real hurdle to people, is lvling toons haha), thus, just from the quick 2 min daily on each toon, I am earning 88xpet charms. This is actually really easy because once you have your 3 pet layout to kill the daily pet challenge, it is the exact same fight on every alt, so it's just rinse and repeat, usually about 2 or 3 min per toon.

There is a really nice item that you can buy with pet charms called the...

Marked Flawless Battle-Stone

88/15 = 5.9 (so let's just round to 6).

What I am doing is once I do my quick garrison rotation (mailing all of the BOA charms to my trade spamming toon), then I start spamming trade, selling Pet Upgrades for 2000g a piece. Now, before your BS meters go through the roof, since the items are BOA, but also BOP and not sellable, the way that I do this is I tell people that I will upgrade any "Cageable" pet. They trade me, I learn it, I upgrade it, I cage it, I trade it back. The whole process takes about 20 seconds once I start trading. Now, this clearly requires a bit of trust, but thankfully I have been doing this long enough and have been on my server long enough, and being a lvl 100 toon in a known guild, people are more willing to try it out. I even have fairly regular customers. One guy I have done over 50 upgrades for alone!

So, why are people willing to pay me 2000g for a pet upgrade? Because, flawless battle-stones often sell for 3-4k on the AH, if not more, of course dependent on your server. Yes, I could probably make more than 2000g per trade, but I am lazy and I just want a fast sale because I HATE sitting there spamming in trade. Often I sell out within minutes of first spamming, but I typically am out in 15-20 minutes of spamming trade. This of course helps that I am on a high pop server.

So, 6x2000g = 12000g. How do I come up with the number 20k+ ?? Around Draenor there are 6x Daily pet battles that award 4x Pet Charms each. Thus, if I do them on even 1 toon, that = 24 more charms per day, or a total of 32 charms on just that one toon. Now, the traveling around the continent takes a bit more time than just doing the simple daily rotation in the garrison, but considering I am done so quickly with the garrison, and traveling for the pet battles is also fairly quick, I do this for as many toons as I feel up to that day, which usually is about 5 alts on avg. I'd say.

So, quick math: 5x32 charms/day = 160/15 for each stone = 10.7 stones/day x 2000g p/stone = roughly 20,000g+/day on avg.

Since there are no mats required to earn this gold it is essentially pure profit, minus of course opportunity cost, but considering the amount of gold being earned here, it seems like a fairly decent investment of my time. Imagine if you had 11 toons earning x32 charms each. That would be 352 / 15 = 23.4 stones per day x 2000g = 46,000g per day. At that point though the time sink would be significantly greater, and it might get boring, as well it would take more time to find buyers for 23 upgrades. Hence, I tend to lose interest after 5 or 6 toons lol. But hey, you KNOW there is gonna be someone hardcore enough to do all 11 every single day! lol

Anyway, enjoy! Hope this was insightful!

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