Monday, May 4

How to get into Tanaan Jungle without logging out

After alot of speculation on how to get in, i tried the most obvious one. Through the front door!
So its kind of basic, and i'll post some screenshots on how to do it.

1) Get ontop of the gate in Talador and stand on the side on the picture below, i used a Gnomish gravity well together with a goblin glider to get up

2) When you're standing on top of the gate on the right side you want to use a sandbox tiger or anything like it

3) You are now free to jump down (beware of fall damage! :P)

BUT! After a few meters you will encounter another invisible wall. And this is where my part ends, because i have yet to figure out how to get past it. Which is one of the reasons im making this thread already. To get the community started on breaking into Tanaan and unwrap its secrets! I hope this has been a help and has set of a few exploration geniuses to figure a way in, or use my method and find a way to bypass the wall. ^^

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