Sunday, May 3

Extra Harrison Jones quest after daily quest reset

I think I found something worthwhile - not an exploit really(I think) but more of a tip for those who want to get Harrison Jones faster (in addition to joining the x-realm groups). Searched the forum for "Harrison" and "Jones" and didn't find anything.

Anyway, you need Harrison to spawn in your garrison (might work in another player's garrison too, please confirm if it does). Just bear in mind that I have only tested this once and didn't have Harrison spawn in my garrison since then so still have to successfully reproduce this.

  1. Complete Harrison's daily as normal.
  2. Make sure to return to your garrison and turn in the quest before the daily quest reset. Next step is really important, I believe this is the key to this little trick.
  3. Just before daily quest reset happens go to your garrison (in front of now quest-less dr Jones) and don't leave your garrison, don't log out, don't disconnect.
  4. As the daily quest reset happens Harrison should get a blue exclamation mark over his head and you can pick up another quest.

First thing I thought to myself was "Whoa, I'm lucky, Harrison spawned second day in a row for me" and didn't investigate further - just took the quest, completed it and went back to turn it in. This is when I noticed that Harrison is no longer my daily NPC and instead was replaced by Muradin and then it hit me, I didn't get Harrison twice in a row! What happened I think is that as long as you are in your garrison during daily quest reset the NPC won't be replaced and the old one will start offering new set of dailies. Because Harrison's dailies are turned in at another NPC who is always there you can safely pick up the new quest, leave your garrison, complete it and come back.

In case the above is a huge misunderstanding of game mechanics on my part or something very well known, feel free to point to the original thread or simply delete this topic.

Hope it works for someone else though

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