Friday, May 8

Blizzard I beg you to put a neutral faction capital city in the next expansion.

This expansion has been the 3rd expansion where there has not been a capital city, and I must say that it really ruins the MMO feel for me. In cata everyone was just in Org so it wasn't that horrible. You still saw a lot of the player base, and felt some community engagement. MoP I did not play, but I have heard from friends that did play that the shrines did not feel worthy of even being called a capital city and was pretty much a portal hub. 

Now with WoD we have Ashran and Garrisons. Ashran is a bunch of horde buildings and tents on an island that seemingly have little order. Then there are Garrisons which is where most people log in and log out. I have been playing this entire expansion, and love your raids.

I think the quality of the mechanics of your raids has improved vastly over the years, but damn has the community feeling been lost. I think this is a largely due to the community just not seeing each other. Dalaran was the perfect capital city. It had a diverse look we had never seen. Large enough that you didn't feel cramped yet small enough that you could see all of the community. 

It was at a central point on the map that allowed for good access to whatever part of the map you were heading to. It also had a place to duel that was easily findable for other to come watch. Being able to see the community is huge for me, and I believe others feel the same way.

 I remember walking around Dal and seeing people in heroic sanctified tier 10 and saying, "wow i need to play more to be like him". Or seeing a duel happen and somebody wrecks another person and thinking, "wow i need to play more pvp to be like him".

It gave me inspiration to play more and try and make myself a name on the server which is a feeling that I think has been essentially lost in this game.

TL;DR: Bring back capital cities because you are killing the community aspect and making people less inspired to play more.

Edit: I've noticed a lot of people point out the lag issue with Dalaran, and I won't deny that is an issue. However I would like to state that Blizzard has gone a long way with making graphical options that would allow there to be less lag. Not only to mention that in worse case scenarios that could phase Dalaran into two or more instances. Also computers are just all around better now.

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