Sunday, May 10

Efficient firelands trash farming

This video will show you how to make 2,000 vendor gold an hour or more from firelands 10man NORM without killing any bosses. It's not an incredible amount of gold, but it does have the advantage of avoiding the auction house for those times when you need the gold RIGHT NOW and can't risk waiting to sell something.

Main points: Don't go over norm, both Wowhead and my personal experience show either no drop rate increase, or an actual DECREASE on higher difficulties. It makes no sense, but it is what it is.

Don't kill any bosses. If you do, you can't reset the trash anymore since you'll be saved.

Be able to open lockboxes.

A vendor mount helps but is not required.

A range class is required for maximum efficiency, though melee can still do it, the turtles will probably be annoying.


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