Sunday, May 10

Clearing BWL (And possibly more) Twice or more.

Here goes, Thursday - Cleared BWL (all bosses)
Friday - Only logged my druid to do garrison missions, never went on my rogue wich I cleared BWL with.

Saturday - Logged in on my rogue, saw the eggs in BWL before leaving the instance. Tought this were rather odd so I looked if Razorgore were there. To my shock he

So basically, this isn't a ''game changing'' exploit, but as for me who really want the bloodfang tmog this is great.

Going to kill Razorgore now and see if I get any loot. Will edit after it is killed.


Edit; Wiped during Razor due to lack of concentration. Got no bosses to kill as of now. Be careful, can't confirm you get loot either.

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