Monday, May 11

BRD 50-58 Quickest Leveling

Black Rock Mountains (Detention Block)

Have a decently leveled tank (Stopped @ 57 for mine)

Have the group move to the mole transporter, (The grim guzzler, the back corner has both the end bosses)

Pull them both or pick them off one by one, casters can stand on the ledge and cast down, melee will have to jump and follow the tank.

Kill in less than 2 minutes, re-queue, then rinse and repeat, 50-58 will be finished in about 20-25 minutes, I know the number seems high, but it's very quick.

Again, specific queue to BRD - Detention block, rinse and repeat, gain levels!

This can definitely be done by persuading a group you have a massive leveling boost for them!

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