Thursday, May 14

[Documentary] Glitch: An Exploration Documentary

Been a while since I last posted what with being busy with uni and all - however, that particular business has born some fruit: a documentary piece on exploring! As part of one of my modules, we had to create a 4-5 minute video documentary on a subject of our choice - I obviously pounced at the opportunity to choose glitching as mine.

The video is obviously coursework first, Ownedcore community second, but I nonetheless hope you'll enjoy it. It deals mainly with a beginners look at exploration, accompanied by my own experiences in it and the community (I even give a shout out to Ownedcore itself) and how I got into this wonderful practice. The video is all set to a compilation backdrop of old footage of mine from many of my videos.

Oh, and you also get to hear my dulcet Scottish tones for the first time. Try not to get too excited.

Yes yes, I know. It's hard.


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