Tuesday, May 12

With Leeroy's 10 year anniversary yesterday, I decided to put together a small album featuring old WoW machinima. You have either forgotten about these or never seen them. Enjoy!

The Grind

This Machinima will make you wish your guild was half as fun as theirs. The Guild has been having problems wiping on Onyxia and they have never previously had problems with her, so they set out to find out how to fix their issue in the most entertaining ways possible. Episode 0 (Introductions) http://y2u.be/TUAs1-wVv9E Episode 1: http://y2u.be/3od9aUtrcz4

Dude, Where's My Mount?

One of the oldest WoW Machinima series out there, this one was actually filmed in-game for the first episodes so give it a bit to pick up if you are not used to that. Follow the misadventures of Phil and Dave as they are on an epic quest to do whatever the heck they want! Episode 1: http://y2u.be/9M1LYOteNXQ

Snacky's Journal

A fun little award winning series about Snacky the Gnome and his best friend Angie, who enjoys getting him into all kinds of trouble. Episode 1: http://y2u.be/0_LhKNcxWPw

Inventing Swear Words by Oxhorn

If you don't know who Oxhorn is, he used to be one of the best content creators for WoW machinima, but 'retired' to spend more time with his wife and daughter. Check out his channel for endless more great videos, both musical and storywise. Inventing Swear Words was my favourite though! What would you do if you were suddenly unable to utter profanity anymore? Oxhorn, Staghorn and Mortuus go on an adventure to remedy their problem. Episode 1: http://y2u.be/-5q3TG5yCG0

Honourable Mention: Nyhm

Nyhm never created any Machinima series, but he was the biggest name in music that was centred around WoW for a while. Check out his channel here, because he has way too many great videos to pick just one. Nyhm's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNttVtX1_K2kSwKcCgK_Acw

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