Wednesday, June 10

Lag7 Strategic Lagtool


Tool that can be used to create a set amount of lag at strategic points. Think at the entrance to the tunnel in WSG. You stay mounted the entire time the lag is enabled, so you make it to the flag room. Then you wait in the alcove where the flag is, grab it, and hit your lag hotkey again. You've just gotten halfway across mid without taking a hit. With around 2 seconds between your lag 'jumps', you shouldn't disconnect, and can cap without taking a hit. Think in EotS. Starting your lag at your tower, crossing the bridge, and then running behind the opposing faction's tower, taking them completely by surprise. You make a quick kill or 2, and cap it. The same idea as in WSG applies to the EotS flag. In any BG, you can use this to get a head start. Simply wait until a few seconds before your game starts, enable your m2 collision hack, hit your lag hotkey, and go right through the gate, without being teleported back. There's many uses.

This is not my tool. It was on MMOwned a while back, (Posted by synthblade, I think). The thread is gone, but the tool still works perfectly.


  1. Run Lag7
  2. Set your hotkey
  3. Dial a yield. ( I suggest under 8 sec, any higher and you'll DC.)

Filebeam - Beam up that File Scottie!

Download for XP:
Filebeam - Beam up that File Scottie!You will also need Support Tools installed. Credz to for the link and HonorETVeritas for bringing it to my attention.

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