Monday, June 29

Take a dungeon boss out of the deadmines, potentially gamebreaking applications


  1. Go to Deadmines mast room, attach Helix gearbreaker to your head.
  2. Port somewhere.

Wackiness follows. Heelix will follow you through the port and can't be killed.


There are multiple versions of Heelix all over the realms at the moment, people are having a lot of fun with this.
The 85 version throws bombs around and does the stuff he does in the instance.

There is a potentially gamebreaking application here: if you port into a raid with Heelix then any player that can use leech on him can potentially become invulnerable. Damage on low level mobs scales up into huge numbers and leech converts this into healing. (proof: test dps on low level target dummies in sw with a warrior using second wind or a rogue using leech poison, the healing is insane).

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