Tuesday, June 30

Tanaan FoS/Predator title

6.2 added a very rare mob Xemirkol in the tanaan jungle that awards you a new Feast of Strength for killing it and grants you the title Predator (Arnold says hi).

  1. Get revered with the faction "Order of the Awakened" - if you´re loaded, we are doing this with Medallion of the Legion.  via AH buying or farming them from the 4 rare mobs
  2. Buy Hunters Seeking Crystal and upgrade it to the epic version - Master Hunter's Seeking Crystal
  3. Go to the now broken starting area that you entered tanaan in at level 90 on the east side and use it
  4. Xemirkol hits fairly hard and has around 3 million health so you need a proper geared char to kill it.
  5. Make a new char with the name "jailbait" or "teengirl" and enjoy your new title.

The mob on most realms is probably up so if you are the first one to do this you´ll get a kill, no idea on his respawn timer though.

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