Thursday, July 23

98-100 in 20-30 minutes?!?! Nagrand Tips & Tricks + Elixir of the Rapid Mind! :)

Since the Frostfire Cave was good before 6.2 up until 98... now with the new patch the XP is reduced 20-25% because they decided to launch a Elixir... that gives 300% Bonus XP, lasts for 15 minutes, persists through death, and WATCH THIS: It's Obtainable from AUCTION HOUSE!.

Okay so... people were asking about 98-100 solo methods... Since I've covered the Bones farming method in Nagrand... I wanted to find a good solo leveling method now.
Here is what I've designed for you so far.

The Following Method Takes place in Nagrand and it also contain bonus objective and Elixir of the Rapid Mind.

The principe is the same... but for those who haven't watched or wanna see or read the instructions specifically for this as well... here it is... the written and video explanation.

But first... as many people would ask... Why To do this?
- Well... it takes 10-20 minutes of preparation... and it doesn't take more than 5-10 minutes of completing the stuffs while u got elixir up! Therefore giving u level each 10-15 minutes, after 96 it seemed impossible after the patch... but with the new elixir... it's easy as hell. Read Carefully: There is no Easier, Faster, and simplier way all together than this from 98-100 ! - If you find any... feel free to post it in the comments so I remove my statement

What You Need?
  • Elixir of the Rapid Mind
  • Potion of Accelerated Learning
  • Starting Quest for Talador from your Garrison Board (Check Picture Below)

- And a bit of preparation (Explained in the Video Below):

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