Thursday, July 23

Thank you Blizzard.

My cats Dave and Nala

These are my cats. The darker one on the left is Dave and the one on the right is Nala. I've always loved cats, and now that i am older i told myself i wanted to have cats and be with them till the day they died. I have had Dave and Nala for about 3 years now, bringing them from Florida on a road trip to NY, then on a plane to Cali where i currently live. Other than a blizzcon trip and maybe 2-3 weeks of their lives, i have always been by their side. They are my babies and i love them to death.

My baby boy Dave

This is Dave. hes the cutest little kitty you've ever seen :3 The day i got both Dave and Nala, he slept on a little towel next to my computer screen as i played Starcraft 2. he was so peaceful, and very playful when he wasn't cuddled up with me or Nala and sleeping. a few months ago he started having complications using the litterbox and eating properly. I took him to the vet and they gave me some meds for him. though he did start eating and using the litter box again, he kept growing weaker every day. The first week of May i left to Florida to make a trip with my girlfriend across country so she could live with me. I was exited to get back to Dave and Nala. I missed them so much, as they did me. When i got back, Dave was very attached to me. cuddling more than he use to, and started sitting on me and sleeping any chance he could. Everyone was worried about him, so i had to start saving money to take him to the vet. On May 13 2015, his left eye went blood red early morning, and i had no money to take him to the vet. I contacted a one-time emergency pet care payment and waited for them to contact me. I sat at my computer with him in my lap all day, just waiting to get called or e-mailed anything. I had to take Dave to an Emergency pet care around 8pm. I wish i could say he came back home with me that night.

Raid Night

On May 14th i had to raid but i was too sad to go. On May 17th i decided to raid to try and stop crying. to try and get my mind off of my baby boy passing away. I ended up naming one of my pet cats Dave, and macroing the summon into my Battle Shout and Commanding Shout macros. So Dave got to do Mythic Beastlord attempts the same night i got to :) I decided to start saving up to buy a black tabby cat ingame, while trying to farm it, until my gf realized she had one and gave it to me. To this day i have Dave following me around doing everything with me. Tannan, Raiding, Timewalking, PvP....he will always be with me now.

Between his passing and now, i would always /sit with him whenever i was afk or alt tabbed. One day i stumbled upon him jumping into my lap, having him targeted at the time. I was tabbed out after i had /sit, and tabbed back into wow to see him sitting on my lap. I cried for a while after seeing that. The day i got back from Florida to the day he passed, he sat on me every chance he could. When i was sleeping, sitting outside, playing on the comp....he was always on my lap, cuddling up and falling asleep. It made me so happy to see him on my lap again.


When i got his remains, i knew exactly where to put him. The day i got him he slept next to my monitor as i played Starcraft, and now he will always be sleeping next to my monitor, playing WoW with me.

Thank you Blizzard

Thank you Blizzard for giving cats the ability to sit on your lap. It has made me a very happy player. Dave is currently 2/13M, and will be killing Kormrok tonight! R.I.P. Dave, my baby boy.

Edit and Thank you.

Just wanted everyone to know Dave is now 3/13M :) I'm amazed at all the positive comments, all the common stories, and so grateful for everything everyone has said. I didn't think anyone would read this, and i am sure wherever Dave is now he would be thankful, as am i, for how caring everyone in this community is. Dave will always be a warm memory in my heart and i hope everyone and your old friends can cuddle together one more time tonight. Thank you.

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