Friday, July 24

Hunter Pet Level More then Hunter

Hey guys first of all my english isnt good so forgive me for mistakes

this exploit works for all types of pets and classes like lock mage hunter dk anyone that can summon pet
how its works just enter bg when ur xp bar is about to reach max i mean to say at 95% when u enter bg ur lvl is scaled to bg lvl like if u join 70 bg ur level will be 79 and bcuz of 95% xp bar is loaded u will be ding and from some bllizard ristriction u will not granted final lvl but ur pet will be lvl up

for example

i joined bg at 72 lvl + 95% xp bar filled and after i got some xp from killing i reached xp bar 100% and my lvl is 73 but my pet lvl is 80 then after bg done ur pet still lvl 80 and when u gain more lvl ur pet will be lvlup to like u reach 74 after bg ur pet will be 81 and will remain high till ur pet dead dont know about dismiss.

so the point is after all of this when i joined random dung my lvl was 74 and my pet was 82 and he was hiting like a tank bcuz of lvl diffrence i 1 shot every 75 lvl elite mobs with my 82 lvl pet in dung and in last skada meter i was at 1.7m and all other at 240k hope u understant the key is u must be at 95% xp bar or just make sure u can ding during battle in bg

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