Friday, July 24

free CM on other acc / same bnet

I wanted to make a post about this some time ago, but somehow I never did it. This may have been fixed by now and/or was a once-only bug. I'll still share it, maybe somebody can make it "work" again.

We took a friend of mine along on a 8/8 CM Gold boost when something weird happened (2nd july).

He has multiple accounts on the same bnet and was online with two of them.

He played his horde mage, who already had grimrail depot, therefor we boosted him 7/8 gold - EU.
At the same time, he was online with his alliance mage character on the other account.

And guess what - he got all the achievements on his alliance mage too, while AFKing in garrison.

And NO, we're not stupid, it's not the acc-shared thingy - it said the name of the alliance mage on its achievement, as if he completed it on both legally. 

We couldn't check, if he can buy the weapon, because he's missing one dungeon, which we didn't do (as the horde one already had it).


  • Have two accounts on same
  • be online on both at the same time (same class / other faction ?)
  • complete CM gold on one
  • get free character-related(!) achievement on the other

AGAIN, don't know if it really / still works. Feel free to comment, test and give feedback.

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