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Arena Interrupt Macro Bug / Explot [Different Version]

I have made completely automatic interrupt macro for warlocks (it might work for others, haven't tested it yet).

So lets move on to work:

The basic version of the bug / macro (that everyone knows it) is this:

#showtooltip Command Demon
/script if GetSpellCooldown(19647)==0 and (UnitCastingInfo("target") or UnitChannelInfo("target")) then CastSpellByID(19647) end

Now to the alternative:

- You need two Macros:

1. /petattack arena1 (u can make arena2, arena 3 dependable where the healer or caster is on your gladius before arena starts (like I do in the video)... or u can even make 3 different macros on 3 different keybinds).

#showtooltip Command Demon
/script if GetSpellCooldown(19647)==0 and (UnitCastingInfo("arena1") or UnitChannelInfo("arena1")) then CastSpellByID(19647, "arena1") end

IMPORTANT!!! Those are the 2 macros... and you MUST use the same "arenaX" (while X stands for number) in both macros. Or you can make 3 differnt macros for each... meaning 6 total. so for example... F1 and F2 (as keybinds) goes to arena1. F3 and F5 goes for arena2. and F6 and Shift F7... guess what?! Goes to arena3

One more IMPORATNT stuff: Make sure to not use SHIFT for the macros (will tell u later why) and make sure to not Bind F4 to anything (will tell u later why, but u can guess as well xD)

Now to the Automatisation:

IMPORTANT: Make sure to use HARDWARE NOT Software for auto-clicks:[/B]
- I personally use my mouse when I need something to be clicked automatically but... ALSO IMPORATNT: Make sure to not use the auto clicking to gain advantage over the other players, or put them into disadvantage. I am showing u this here... but I hope Blizzard will fix it ASAP, so be fast if u wanna use it :P

-Now head over to your mouse / Keyboard / something that autoclicks for you - Software and Make a macro that auto repeats:
If you have bound or 2 macros on F1 + Shift F1... then make sure to make it repeat F1 once... (to send the pet to attack arena1 (for example))... and 10-20 times F2 with the least latency possible. My mouse can click button with 1ms latency... so I set that.

What this all thing does?
- First Macro (/petattack arenaX) sends your pet to the healer (or caster... decision up to you), so it stay close to him forever... so it's in line of sight when it casts spell.
- Second Macro (if GetSpellCooldown(19647)==0 and (UnitCastingInfo("arena1") or UnitChannelInfo("arena1")) then CastSpellByID(19647, "arena1") end) meaning: If the cooldown on spell lock is 0 (meaning it's off CD)... AND the arenaX target IS casting or channeling ... use spell lock on arenaX.
ON ENGLISH: if he don't cast anything... spell lock won't be used... as soon as he starts casting... it will spell lock almost instant (depends on your world latency and speed of pressing the macro in your autoclicks).

About those "Tell u later stuffs" from Above:
- Don't use Shift: If you put shift on autoclick... that means that it will be pressed in random moments... and if u got anything else bound on Shift... like for example... my portal is bound on Middle Mouse Button... my Summon portal is Shift Middle Mouse Button. If it happens my autoclicking stuff to press shift when I want to teleport myself... Guess what!?!? It will setup a portal at my position because shift will be pressed... and I will die. I know the chances are low because of the low latency click... but just so u don't say I didn't mentioned.

-Don't use F4 for the macro: If you do use... and u got Alt (Like i do for some stuffs) bound on other keys or keybinds... guess what?! You guessed right... ALT F4 .. is always a Free Win if you press it in arena. Kappa

- You pet will interrupt the target when it casts... regardless if Aura Mastery is up on the target or not (Aura Mastery - Spell that prevents you to get interrupted for certain time).
- Nothing else.

If you FAILED to understand something... or u want to get this whole information VISUALLY... Don't worry! I got your Back!

Hope you enjoy this little guide and variations in this guide... and YES I KNOW it's been posted before.. but all I saw on those posts is how to make it for the target only and I just shown u how to make for whoever u like... whenever u like... and AUTOMATICALLY.

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