Thursday, July 16

Ashran Que workaround

If you are as tired as i am from waiting for 1-2 hours for ashran , then here is something for you!

First what you need
  1. 1.) someone who is ignoring you
  2. 2.) a makro /invite NAME ...... name of the person ignoring you

thats all

so how does this work ?

we go into Ashran as normaly the popup comes ... you acept amd then you start klicking the makro
klick it all 3-4 sec or just make makros with the / invite and some abilitys so you can fight easyer

thats it ... you just hitt that makro and you can walk around inside ashran , do events or kill the boss

only bad thing , you are not in the raid grp

Have fun with it guys
see ya

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