Saturday, July 18

Keep Sanctified Wrath buff without talent.

I usually queue for skirms while doing my Tanaan dailies to reset my cd's (particularly master hunters seeking crystal). Today I had wings up when I won the skirm, I was specced for Sanctified Wrath. Afterwards I left the arena and found I kept the buff up that reduced the CD of HoW and tested it out on a mob, it did indeed reduce the CD even without wings up. I swapped talents for Divine Purpose and found that I STILL kept the Sanc. Wrath buff.

I also went inside HFC to see if zoning would remove the buff, it did not. Screenshot for proof, I have DP talent chosen, and i'm in HFC with buff up.

  1. Talent Sanc wrath and queue for Skirm.
  2. Win the Skirm with wings up
  3. Sanc Wrath buff stays permanently after leaving arena

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