A video showing World of Warcraft's Westfall recreated in Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) was released online through YouTube.

The video was uploaded by game designer Daniel L whom reviewer Archie Paras of WCCFTech.com identified as Daniel Luchau.

Daniel explains that his project is still in its early stages, but PC Gamer says it "looks quite promising". World of Warcraft certainly looks quite beautiful in Unreal Engine 4, Paras wrote. 

Luchau had also recreated and filmed the Elwynn Forest area. Eventually he'd like to release the builds to VR platforms "Blizzard wants World of Warcraft to live for another ten years, so it's safe to assume the studio won't rebuild the MMO from scratch, if that's even possible," the report said. 

Daniel recreated WoW's Westfall area in UE4. The video was a virtual tour of the region with dynamic lighting and shadows. According to the video description Luchau pulled textures from CGtextures.com and Unreal demos, but also extracted some models direct from the source material.

Some models were extracted from World of Warcraft using WowModelViewer. Trees made in SpeedTree for Unreal 4. Daniel said he's working on implementing proper LOD for trees and shadows for the entire scene, water reflections, fewer but bigger trees (more Elwynn-like). 

Finishing areas, the lake and the lake house specifically Pop-ins. Working on improving wood texture and the glass material in the windows, as well as reducing light intensity to avoid over and underexposure. Also adding bigger texture scaling and Ambient Occlusion. 

Daniel expresses that in the future he would like to make his project available for free for VR devi

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