Saturday, July 4

Sick apexis farm 250~ Apexis/Minute during bonusevent

On EU Servers there is the apexis bonusevent so this method is very profitable for farming apexis crystalls.

You should get around 250 apexis crystals each minute and you only need to loot corpses and a raid group with atleast 20+ people.

Easiest way to find enough people is just to list your group in the raidbrowser, enable autoinvite and write something like "Apexis farm 250/minute" in the description.

Now to the location, you have to go to the iron front and just kill the mobs which respawn very fast.
Set loot option to personal loot.

If your group is big enough you can just run in a circle and loot the corpses, while killing some mobs.

  1. Get enough people into your group (40 people are perfect) and enable autoinvite so your group is always full
  2. Go to the iron front and kill the mobs with your group
  3. LOOT!
  4. Profit, get your gear, the 150k mount or whatever



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