Sunday, July 5

Super easy Bonus Objective Progression

For all Bonus obj outside of tanaan: Kill rares and phase to other instances, kill the same rare again. 

Do around 5-6times and your bar is at 100%.

If there are no rares around, use the interactable objectives that give large amounts of % and phase to respawn them instantly.

In Tanaan:

Harbour - one of the easiest. Just get the bombs lying around, group up mobs around the tanks. Blow up the tanks and the mobs around it. Pull even more mobs and finish with your Artillery ability that you hopefully have picked.

Fel Forge - the fel bombs, use it similarly to harbour.

Shanaar - no clue, one of the longest events. Elites give only around 3% ? Almost everything gives only between 1-2% here. Figure out a way killing rares probably.

Bleeding Hollow - also one of the slowest. Destroy blood orbs, use traps and pull as much as you can. I mostly hopped realms for rares here.

Throne - also rather slow. We farmed rares here or mass pulled. But they most they took quite long to kill due to being elites. I would avoid the Infernals (giants) due to their gigantic health pool.

Iron Front
- truly the fastest. Go to these two event flags, hold off the spawning enemies and kill the spawned rare. The first closer to the flight point drops like a easier elite, the 2nd one further in is very tough solo. Each completion gives around 30-40%, no idea I at one point even got full 50% at the 2nd with the sorcerer mob.

Generally with a group: Pull everything, use Artillery Strike. Or hop realms solo for quick rare kills if you're able to.

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