Tuesday, July 21

Tooth And Claw quest in 5min or less.

If you hate to do quests over and over again and are only doing them just to get reputation then perhaps this will help you out a bit. I know its not much and that perhaps some players can do it faster but so far I haven't found the faster way, even more so since people are running around and killing mobs and some have long respawn time.

So the quest in question is Tooth and Claw and it asks of you to collect 100 Tanaan Jungle Teeth from numerous mobs around Tanaan Jungle. Well there are mobs that have crazy respawn rate, in matter of seconds and they die also in seconds which is perfect. Location of the mobs in question is 41,58; 78,16 - just look at the screenshots below.

So this is the location, I didnt took a screenshot for the first looted mobs but i killed other mobs like 10sec later ( also there are ew mobs on the land, just 20ft or so on the left that also have the same respawn rate )

After I have collected all the teeth I need. Some 4-5min have passed

Ignore the noob toolbar, thats my alt I just use to collect crystals to buy upgrades

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