Saturday, August 1

Arcane Visual Bug. HFC Teleportation glitch

Today I'm going to show you a bug me and a friend found in HFC. What you are going to need is 1 friend and 1 item that changes the appearance of you and your friend, theres one in jewelcrafting can't rember the name of it! The reason this is good is since when you have this effect people cant target you. You become a untargetable player and could probally be abused in world pvp. The item me and my friend used was Reflecting Prism. Reflecting Prism - Item - World of Warcraft

  • Step 1. You both go to the teleportortation thing.
  • Step 2. You use the item on your friend.
  • Step 3 As you use the item on your friend he should then click the portal to teleport him and as he turns into this arcane ball you will turn into one and therefore wont be targetable by other people by click in it.
  • Step 4 ...
  • Step 5. Profit!

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