Sunday, August 23

Get 1 Extra ship to your naval fleet!

I found a very basic but interesting glitch recently. I'm able to use it to obtain 1 extra ship, so my fleet is working on missions with 11 ships for now. This method is repeatable if you lose ships on missions. Since I'm leeching more than I share I'm quite happy to share my findings with you.

This requires no external tool.
The only requirement is to be Exalted with the Order of the Awakened faction (besides being level 100 and the existence of Shipyard ofc).

Buy a Ship: The Awakener item from the birdman vendor in your Tanaan Jungle outpost.
Decommission your Awakener ship from your fleet - if already exists.
Make your fleet size to 9/10 then start building your 10th ship by the normal way.
Make a macro: /use Ship: The Awakener and bind it to a key. (Example: bind to F key)
Go to Game Options -> Key Bindings / Targeting / Interact with Mouseover and give it a letter that is next to the one you gave for the macro (example: G key)
Now you have two keys bound next to each others (F,G) - one for using the Ship plan and one for mouseover interact.
Go to your new ship that is ready for pickup at the docks - make sure you mouseover the ship (and you're in range to pickup)
Now, with only one finger, press F and G key AT ONCE and you'll be able to receive both ships at the same time. (If you failed, you can try it again by decommissioning the newly added ship).

Indeed, this procedure can be done with an autoclicker tool more safely and way faster but I wanted to show the manual way for those who are afraid of using external programs.

Get in clicking range:

You receive both ships: 

It shows 11/10 ships: 

Shipyard is now functioning with 11 ships:

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