Saturday, August 22

Get over 2000 oil per day!

Some parts in this "guide" might be obvious to you, but I'm sharing how you can earn up to almost 3000 oil per day.

1) Have the Oil Rig from the reputation vendor. This is an 18 hours mission. What you want to do, is get 2 ships with the Night Elf race, which will both stack and reduce the mission time from 18 hours down to 4 hours and half instead of 18.

Bonus: Since Oil Riig missions never fail, you can equip 4 fishing nets, to get some free fish every 4 hours and half as well. Every time a mission is done, you'll get 400 oil. Let assume you do this 3 or 4x a day, realistically without bottting and having a good sleep pattern, thats 1200-1600 Oil just from the mission.

Next up, is the daily quest, this eiither gives 600 or 750 oil, depending on the daily. Nothing special here. +600-750.

Last, you have 4 "rare" spawns which are not so rare at all, and each of them will give you an additional guaranteed 100 oil per kill, They can also drop extra items such as reputation boosts and mounts

Terrorfist: Iron Front and Rangari Refuge
Deathtalon: Ruins of Kra'nak
Vengeance: Temple of Sha'naar
Doomroller: Hellfire Citadel Entrance

Each rare has a specific yell announcing when they are up:
Terrorfist: Frogan yells: A massive gronnling is heading for Rangari Refuge! We are going to require some assistance!
Deathtalon: Shadow Lord Iskar yells: Behind the veil, all you find is death!
Vengeance: Tyrant Velhari yells: Insects deserve to be crushed!
Doomroller: Siegemaster Mar'tak yells: Hah-ha! Trample their corpses!

So lets do the maths. 1200 from missions, 750 from quest, 400 from rare mobs = 2350 oil. This is assuming you stick to the daily routine above.

There are also the normal garrison missions, which greatly increase the oil income if you have oil trait on your followers.

Imagine if you bot the mission alone, 24/7 = 24/4.5= 2000 Oil just from the missions for doing nothing. I do not encourage botting, though.

This "guide" might be super obvious or useless to you, but people keep asking how they keep up with oil, and how it comes I'm having above 50k oil.

PS: My shipyard is perfected out. 4 Night Elves, 4 Gnomes.  I also have both rare Battleships and Submarines, with the Murloc crew!

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