Tuesday, August 18

[VISUAL] Glyph of Stars as non moonkin spec

A how to - guide how to get glyph of stars to appear even if you are not boomy spec.

  1. Be boomkin spec.
  2. Have glyph of stars active and be in the moonkin form.
  3. Queue for random bg as healer or tank(only tested with bg however it would probably work with arenas, skrims, rbgs, dungeons too - any instance that automatically changes your spec depending on the role you selected.
  4. Enter the queue once it pops.
  5. Enjoy having the moonkin form active, despite beeing moonkin spec.
You wont actually get the buff of the form, you will only get the visual, and it can be seen by other players.

The form will apply in all other forms, travel form, bear form, cat form and regular form, and it will keep this way until you die, so you can leave the bg once you get in.

The screenshots below shows the form being active despite actually beeing in it.

Theres no real advantage of this apart from the n00bs in bgs who dont use any addons, they may think you are a regular boomy instead of a resto dodo(yea, some people are that dumb), unless you wish to look cooler without using tmoprh, and who doesnt like the moonkin form!?!

Note that it only works with the glyph active, being in the regular owl form will not make any change.

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