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90-100 Under ~90 minutes Leveling Guide

With the recent addition to flying in draenor, you can level from 90-100 really quickly if you have a few things. Before you read further, for this method you will require:

- Full XP heirlooms(helm, cloak, chest, shoulders, legs - rings not required, but a nice bonus if you have them)

- Flying in draenor. You get this from the "draenor pathfinding" achievement. I won't go into details on how to get this, but here is a good wowhead guide: Draenor Pathfinder: How To Unlock Flying in Draenor - Guides - Wowhead

- Master flying - You will need all the speed you can get. If you have any +mount speed abilities, grab them.

- 3 Elixirs of the rapid mind. You can get these from the auction house(a good price is ~2-3k gold), or from garrison missions. We will be going through 3 zones to get to 100(SMV, Gorgrond, and Spires of Arak), so we need a potion for each zone

- 3 potions of accelerated learning. Once again 1 for each zone. You get these from your garrison resource vendor for 100 garrison resources each.

- DraenorTreasures addon. This addon displays every treasure on your map/minimap and is necessary for pinpointing their location. I can't link it here due to new user limitations, but just google "DraenorTreasures" and it should be the first result.

- As a bonus you can grab the darkmoon faire xp buff(+10%) by riding on the carousel. Highly recommended if the faire is in town.

So, basically what you need to is pretty straightforward. Go to each of these zones(SMV -> Gorgrond -> Arak) and complete every bonus objective up to 1 kill or item pickup. After you do that, pop your xp pots and get as many treasures/bonus objectives as you can within 15 minutes(duration of the elixir of the rapid mind). I made routes of each zone that grab every bonus objective and all of the easy treasures, taking special care to avoid treasures that are deep within caves or heavily guarded because they would slow you down too much

You can find the routes here: 90-100 powerleveling guide in 90 mins[madseasonshow] - Album on Imgur (dem MS paint skills!)

A special note for all of you Hordies out there: You wont get bonus objectives for Shadowmoon Valley since it's and Alliance zone. So, before you start the route, complete every bonus objective(3) in Frostfire Ridge up to 1 kill and set your hearth to Wor'gol[sp?]. Follow the route for shadowmoon valley and grab all of the treasures. As soon as you grab the last one, hearth to Wor'gol and finish up those bonus objectives. I have a small route for Frostfire Ridge in the imgur link for you to use.

As I said, going through just these 3 zones is more than enough to get you to 100. I've leveled a few characters this way and I usually hit 100 about halfway through the spires of arak route, so it also has some cushioning if you mess up with your potions at some point. If you have some extra gold to drop, you can buy 2 elixirs of the rapid mind for each zone if you dont want to speed run it. It is possible to do all if these routes in one potion, however.(with Spires of Arak being the longest)

If you have any corrections/optimizations let me know. I'm sure these routes aren't 100% perfect and any feedback is appreciated.

Hope you found it helpful! Good luck!

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