Thursday, September 3

Darren's bombing run of awesomeness Tricks

(if you dont have the quest, just join a bg/lfr and hope someone shares it(on eu its quite spammed right now)

Using this quest, you get a cutscene and end up flying on an mist of pandaria drake and having ironhorde canons running all over the place.

using this quest you can capture bases, you can loot chests, even get out of combat if done right, im not done testing it all but im to share something extremly broken and i personaly hope they fix it, but enjoy as long as it lasts.

# Search battleground/Rated battleground
# Have the quest in your quest log
# Run to a Base/flag that you wish to capture
# Have a friend share you teh quest.
# Dont accept the quest yet.
# Click the base you want to capture
# Accept the quest
# Base captured.

and another thing you can do among other things is.

# Search for battleground/rated
# Get Wsg/Twinpeaks
# Take the Enemy Flag
# Run to your base
# Stand on your Flag Spot
# Friend shares the quest
# Accept the quest
# Wait till enemy flag carrier Dies & Returned
# ??
# Flag Captured.

and we have this.

# Join a Battleground/Rated
# Defend a base
# Have friend share the quest(party outside bg)
# Accept the quest
# You can use AOE spells such as Blizzard On Flag while flying
# Interrupt enemy base cappers without them being able to stop you.

Stay tuned for more tricks coming up shortly!.

use it while it lasts.

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