Saturday, September 12

Easy Darkmoon Deathmatch / Gurubashi Arena

every 3 hours there is pvp event for chest that you can loot

This is very easy way how to get your achievement or heirloom trinket

  1. 1. Start looting chest
  2. 2. Accept invite from another server (you will get phased) important note: to get phased you need to be out of combat
  3. 3. Leave group at approximately 80% of cast (you will get phased back to your server)
  4. 4. Now you have loot from chest

1. Use ablity that will get you out of combat right before you start looting chest to ensure you will get phased (Vanish, Feign Death, Shadowmeld, Spectral Guize, Invisibility or so)
If your class dont have ability to leave combat you can use Salyin Battle Banner - Item - World of Warcraft

2. Shrinking your size helps! especially if you have two crowded servers that youre switching
best solution is Whole-Body Shrinka' - Item - World of Warcraft
or Noggenfogger Elixir - Item - World of Warcraft

3. Have friend from another server to help you with phasing.

The way how i did this:
Chest from my server is allways looted within first 3 minutes then arena is completely empty.

1. Run to place where chest is supposed to be
2. Phase to server where ppl are still fighting for chest (friend invite from that server helps alot, but you can try join raids with autojoin like kazzak)
3. Start looting chest then immediately leave group and get phased to your server (where chest is already looted and arena is empty)
4. When cast bar is approximately at 80% leave group and phase back to server where you started looting the chest
5. Profit!

btw: with last patch blizz added new heirloom trinkets for darkmoon/gurubashi arenas:
Returning Champion - Item - World of Warcraft
Defending Champion - Item - World of Warcraft
both of trikets does Equip: Experience gained from PvP Battlegrounds increased by 50%. and they stack with each other
note: You need to loot chest 13 times to get heirloom trinket

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