Wednesday, September 9

How to get double Legendary Ring proc for pretty much all classes (also trinkets)

Today I’m going to share how to get double Legendary Ring proc for all classes on raid boss pulls, also trinket proc for some lucky classes. 

This only works for RPPM based procs. Whenever a boss is pulled those kind of items with RPPM timers reset. We are going to abuse that as we can put our selfs into combat prepull and proc our RPPM items, to later have them reset when we pull the boss and proc again once the prepull buff falls off. 

So sadly this doesn’t work for the last stage of the legendary ring as its on use, only works for the 690 and 715 version.

To get into combat with the boss without pulling it we are going to throw a Fruit Basket towards the boss. This will put you in combat without pulling the boss immediately. Beware that the basket got 2.5s travel time to the boss if you stand at max range. The boss will be pulled once it hits.
Now that you are in combat you can proc your RPPM items by casting spells on yourself (we can’t attack the boss obviously as we don’t want to ninja pull it, precasting works in some cases).
All RPPM items cant proc from non offensive spells and some can only proc when they hit the boss, so proccing RPPM trinkets for some classes is impossible but the ring should work for all as it tends to proc from mostly anything.

Remember to prepot before getting into combat.

Below I’m going to give some examples of the best spells that will proc the ring and/or trinkets for different classes.
Warrior: Battle/Commanding Shout procs the legendary ring.
Rogue: Sprint procs the legendary ring (basket takes you out of stealth so might not be viable).
Priest: Fade procs the legendary ring and RPPM trinkets (The reason I started to try this on my other classes was thanks to this post on H2P).
Warlock: Precasting Incinerate puts you in combat and procs RPPM items without pulling the boss instantly so no need for basket (video by Furty).
Boomkin: Precasting Starsurge puts you in combat and procs RPPM items without pulling the boss instantly so no need for basket.

I have not been able to test it on any other class but I’m sure pretty much all classes can, please post if you find a way to do it on a class not listed here or if you find a better way to do it, I will then update this post and of course give credit to you for your find.

If you want an easy way of finding items that can proc without attacking the boss simply equip your RPPM items you want to test and go to your Garrison Dungeoneer's Training Dummy. Throw your basket at it and start trying out different spells (keep in mind that RPPM has higher chance to proc the longer it has been since the last proc so wait a few min after equipping your gear to start testing).

If you want to try it on a boss I would recommend 10N Immerseus in Siege of Orgrimmar as I believe he is the easiest boss with RPPM reset mechanic in place.

I know this was much more beneficial before the new ring upgrade but hopefully some of you can find use of it on your main to push higher parses or on alt to kick some more ass on the meters. Hopefully we are going to see a lot more RPPM items like this that we can abuse in Legion.

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