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Card of Omens - Spreadsheet ( 3620 cards flipped )

As the title says I opened 3620 Card of Omens so we can say that this number can be used as a representative number. To create those 3620 cards I used Primal Spirit bought from Herb Vendor ( a vendor that can spawn in Garrioson for people that dont know where to look ) and Cerulean Pigment that can be obtained by milling herbs, to create War Paints a regent needed to createCard of Omens. You will create War paints using profession spell called The spirit of war that you can learn if you follow the link provided. You will need 1x Primal Spirit and 4x Cerulan Pigment to create 2x War Paints.
NOTE: I suggest learning mass milling if you want to create insane amounts of War Paints since it is 4x faster.

This method ( buying Primal Spirit from vendor is a bit expensive but you can create unlimited numbers of War Paints provided that you have unlimited amount/supply of herbs since for eachPrimal Spirit bought from vendor you need 5 herbs of one type.

Now to calculate average price for 5 War paints you will need to create 10 Card of Omens
On my realm I was paying 160g for a stack of 200 herbs ( Each Draenor herb, Now in order to create 5 war paints you need 2.5 Primal Spirits ( thats 12.5 herbs or some 10g) + 10 Cerulean Pigments or 25 herbs considering you need 5 herbs at least to mill in order to get 2x Cerulean Pigment and thats some 20g. In total you will need 30g to create 10 Card of Omens + some small amount for Light Parchment. So one Card of Omens will cost you about 3g

Note: You can get 2-3 Cerulean pigments from 5 herbs ( 1 milling ) but I used even number to be able to calculate better and also you cant use 2,5 Primals you need at least 3 but I used 2.5 as a reference.

Now lets see the numbers

Out of 3620 cards i got following

643 Cards worth 1 copper or 17.7% -----> not gonna boder calculating
665 Cards worth 10 silver or 18.4% -----> 66.5g
1261 Cards worth 50 silver or 35% -----> 630.5g
715 Cards worth 1 gold or 19.7% -----> 715g
186 Cards worth 5 gold or 5.1% -----> 930g
58 Cards worth 10 gold or 1.6% -----> 580g
48 Cards worth 20 gold or 1.3% -----> 960g
24 Cards worth 50 gold or 0.6% -----> 1200g
18 Cards worth 100 gold or 0.4% -----> 1800g
0 Cards worth 1000 gold or 0% well that obvious -----> 0g
1 Card worth 3000 gold or 0.027% -----> 3000g
1 Card worth 6000 gold or 0.027% -----> 6000g

Total: 3620 cards - 99,854% ( I was rounding up to the closest number so thats the reason why its not full 100% )
Gold earned from vendoring - 15882gold

Now to calculate expenditures. To create 3620 Card of Omens i needed 1810 War Paints, using calculation that for 2 war paints i need 15 herbs I get average price for 1x War Paints 6g
So 1810 x 6g = 10860g

So total profit was: 15882 - 10860 = 5022g or about 1.4g per card and total time spend was about 90min ( just creating and flipping cards, it will take probably 1 hour mre crating inks an paints + keep in mind that you still need to buy herbs and exchange it for primals )

Now some screenshots

1. When all started

2. Some time into process

3. After i got my 1st expensive card

4 Now the 6000g card

5. After I created all the cards

I know that time doesnt match with total number that has passed but i stopped it few times while trying to arrange stuff to find the place where to put cards but I also need to mention that I lost like 15min while waiting for friend outside to bring me something.

Most important thing now

As you see I did managed to earn some gold but it is luck depended since the chance for Epic card is lower than 0.03% So if you dont get any or got 1000g cards instead of 6000g or 3000g cards you will lose some gold for sure. I did this because I was bored but on some realms it is much better to make weapon/trinket upgrades and sell those for 500-1000g profit depending on server.

So there you go. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to create topic so if mods wnat they can delete it or move to somewhere else. I also looked for anything similar but I wasnt able to find it, if its a repost im so sorry

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