Sunday, November 1

Break Stiches Respawn Timer

Stiches, the mob which attacks Darkshire during the "The Embalmer's Revenge" quest phase can have his respawn timer broken causing him to never respawn (until server restart)

The quest chain for this quest starts with Abercrombie at the abandoned tower near Deadwind Pass in Duskwood.

Step 1: Get the quest "The Embalmer's Revenge"

Step 2: Gain control of Stiches as a minion using the deathknight ability Control Undead (I'm unaware of any other spell or item that can mind control undead)

Step 3: Go to another zone, preferably Redridge, Elwynn Forest, Westfall, etc.

Step 4: Dismount. Using the pet skill to move it around manually have it run as far away from you as you possibly can. You run in the opposite direction. Stiches should despawn and will no longer respawn until he is manually reset server side or the server restarts.

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