Tuesday, October 6

Deep-Exploring the World of WOW - Hidden Zone

The virtual world in which the everyday going-ons of World Or Warcraft take place is a truly epic one from several angles: it is huge, the attention to detail within this world is nothing short of awe-inspiring and it is also rather perfect...or strike that out...it is perfect with a few notable exceptions, one of which is the hidden zone along the northern shores of the Eastern Kingdoms. Indeed, everyone familiar with the area has long noted a no man's land there, blocked off to players yet very present on the map, and as human curiosity would have it, this zone has raised quite a few questions and speculations among WoW buffs.

Those who have always wanted to know/see what's inside this area can now apparently go there (indeed, without private servers or any other such obvious exploits), using  few fancy moves and "fudging" the game here and there. Once inside, a world of missing textures and invisible walls unfolds, with a few elven ruins and a lonely pier. There's a lake as well and the good news is: fishing does indeed work in it.

Speculation in regards to what this zone was supposed to have been was always plentiful. According to some, it may have been intended as the original location of Quel'thalas, the idea of which got scrapped. While some of the ruins/towers present there do seem to confirm this theory, for those who venture there, a much more impactful experience may be the way the new area offers a "behind-the-scenes" sort of look, quite literally letting the player venture behind the splice-scenes.

The way to reach the area is through the Stratholme Dungeon, situated in the Easter Plaguelands. There are a number of tricky moves one needs to perform in order to get in, the first of which is tricking the game's instance-limitation mechanism. For more, just take a look at the video: https://youtu.be/c5G_aoEcwK4

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