Monday, October 5

Teamkill And darkmoon faire arena ninja cap.

Ok lets get started.

For the teamkill you need:
  • Ferib's Pumpkin tool
  • Group / raid
  • swapblaster (If you dont have one yet, go to the AH and buy one)

First start my tool and go in group, or be in group and start my tool.
so long my tool is runnings you can teamkill .

Then you have to target the player you want to kill (make sure its in range and in line of sight).
Now you have to press F10 (F9 for the little ones or gnomes).
Now grab your swap blaster and shoot your targer under the map!

BUT, Be carefull you can only use the swap blaster on almost everything but not the 'terrain', the terrain give you instance d/c.

If you let someone d/c then he respawn at gravyard (i tried it on wsg, he dies, i tried in the inn of goldshire, he did not die ).

For some of us that are lazy to read:

darkmoon faire arena ninja cap

what you need:
  • Ferib's Pumpkin Tool
  • darkmoon faire event (every first sunday of the moonth)
  • a chest to cap (spaws every 3 hours: 00:00 3:00 6:00 etc...)

  1. open my tool
  2. go to darkmoon faire arena
  3. if you stay before the gate, press f10 to go down.
  4. run forward under the arena
  5. cap chest without anyone attacking you!

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