Thursday, October 15

Fall Descends Upon WOW

With fall officially all over us, the "traditional" October events are back in World of Warcraft too, to the delight of loyal players and the general public, who will have a whole lot more to do, honing their skills and simply having some good old-fashioned fun.

The first event of the month, running through the first week is Brewfest. In order to participate in the special events, players can head to Orgrimmar or Ironforge, where they'll be able to race rams and to do a number of special quests. The currency of the event is the Brewfest Prize Token, which players can use to purchase a variety of event-specific items as well as no fewer than three battle pets. Most importantly though, the event allows players to acquire exclusive mounts like the Swift Brewfest Ram and the Great Brewfest Kodo, which cannot be acquired any other way.

Hallow's End is the other October event players can look forward to. It kicks off on October 18 and obviously, it's about the celebration of Halloween. This event will feature its own currency too: called Tricky Treats, players will be able to put this currency to use by purchasing battle pets, disguises, Halloween wands and other such special items. Hallow's End will offer players a way to acquire a unique mount too: by getting their hands on The Horseman's Reins, one will be able to unlock a ghastly mount in Scarlet Monastery, from the Headless Horseman.

The in-game store will go through a number of seasonal changes too. It will give players access to a number of services that would normally only be available at the official site. This way, players will be able to purchase Appearance Change options, Race Changes, Name Changes and Faction Changes. In order to use any of these services, players have to be in the character selection screen and not in the actual game.

With the planned Legion expansion still without a release date, WoW players will have plenty to do in the game this October, and they will have unique rewards to show for it too.

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