Wednesday, October 14

Started a fresh account. Encountered this little guy and it made it feel like how an MMO should feel!

Oh how I miss being a noob. Everything was interesting and mysterious. I remember, back at launch, seeing the wolves on the other side of the river in Elwynn! Was I scared! My friend was nuts, he wanted to explore that zone! (Duskwood)

I blame PTR and sites like wowhead for the game being so analyzed and deconstructed, but overall the game is just way too easy in general.

Heirlooms, lfg and lfr have changed from from a mmorpg to a forced online solo rpg.

In fact I saw Preach prove that you can get to max level solo and then join lfg and lfr all while doing zero damage and STILL complete all the content. Watching that video was a eye opening moment and a damning one for lfg and lfr.

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