Thursday, October 15

Power level 92-96/97

There's a really easy way to make the most out of Gorgrond. What you're going to need is.

  1.  Full exp heirloom gear
  2.  Elixir of the Rapid Mind
  3.  Garrison potion that gives +exp for an hour
Now go get every bonus objective within one step of completion in Gorgrond and leave it unfinished.
Kill all the large monsters in Gorgrond that give you quest items. DO NOT TURN THE QUESTS IN
If you want you can also get a few other quests ready for turn in.

Go to the area to turn in all the kill quests, pop your elixir of the rapid mind and turn in every kill quest. Following this proceed to the Northernmost or Southernmost bonus objective on your map and start finishing them. By the end of this you'll be able to ding into 97 as long as you do it right

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