Hello guys, recently I've discovered a decent method for leveling from 93-100 in like 3-4 hours depending on a class (I guess most of you have heirlooms).
I got 2 of my chars to 100 from 90 in 2 days without much effort. So here's how to do it:

1. You need to be on a quest "Chains of Iron". This quest, and the chain that leads to it, is only available to players that choose to build the gladiator arena in Gorgrond, instead of the lumber yard.

2. Download addon "Cross Realm Assist" if you don't have it already.

3. Go to the quest area, once you get there Rexxar will appear, kill 5 normal mobs that you see, they will give you normal exp. Once you kill them there are 3x NPCs named "Dominated Gronnling" each having around 40k health and each giving from around 9k EXP (without any exp buffs) at 93 level falling down to around 5k at 99 level. Kill those 3!

4. After you killed them use "Quick Join" button from the addon "Cross Realm Assist", if you don't know already this instantly joins a group and sends you to another realm. Luckily doing this resets the quest area so you can kill Dominated Gronnlings again.

5. Repeat step 4.

If you don't like running/flying around and prefer farming on one spot and gaining bunch of levels while doing it, this is perfect spot for you!
This method depends a bit on a class/gear, with BM Hunter and Demo Lock i did it pretty fast and easy in less than 4 hours, haven't tested other classes. Legion is coming soon so I was thinking about helping you guys hit level 100 easier / faster and on some characters you might find this very easy to do. Happy leveling!

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